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Artificial Intelligence and Change Practice. Looking at principles and practical applications for AI in business. Feel free to browse, download and share. Any questions please feel free to contact us.


AI Build, Operate & Transfer

Continuous AI through Build, Operate & Transfer Deployment.


Insights - AI for Project Office (PMO)

AI is going to have a huge impact on team performance and project outcomes.

Insights: AI for Financial Services

Better trading through pattern recognition and predictive analytics.

Insights: AI for Legal Services

Augmenting the Attorney team with practical ways to reduce the mundane.


Insights - AI for Human Capital

Better talent, engagement and automation. Speed hiring decisions through fraud detection and succession planning.

Insights - The Productivity Step

Artificial Intelligence and Disruptive Change. Understanding the changing work environment.

AI Business: AI for Finance

An exploration of Artificial Intelligence(AI) in Budgeting, Planning, Forecasting and Continuous Accounting.

AI Business: AI for Branding

An exploration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in customer experience and the management of brand perception.

AI Business: Impact and Possibility

An exploration of Artificial Intelligence(AI) in in business, its imapct and possible applications.

Case for AI: RPA

Unleash the power of Robotic Process Automation to create a digital workforce. Transform repeatable process to minimize human error.


Artificial Intelligence and Finance

An exploration of of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting by the Financial Office.

Artificial Intelligence and Branding

An exploration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in customer experience and the management of brand perception.

Insights: AI for Finance

Detecting patterns and anomalies for strategic orientation and optimum decision making in Continuous Accounting.

Case for Change: Transformation

Setting course for growth and a brighter future, through management of transformation as an investment decision.

Insights: AI for Branding

Detecting patterns and anomalies for faster decision making and brand orientation.

Case for AI: Real Impact & Opportunity

Insights into Artificial Intelligence, where it is used and how it can help your business.

The AI: Center of Excellence

Why an AI CoE will enhance your technology implementation, and ensure first time success of your adoption process.

Insights: Principles of Change

Maximizing human potential through organizational transformation, and innovation.

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