Transformation & Change

Using discovery and AI tools to optimize business effectiveness and productivity.

Creating Tomorrow, Today

From leadership to culture, socialization is in action.

Transformation is an assertion that our actions today create our future tomorrow. Change requires becoming familiar with the current situation, and working to make things better. The future can be described and realized when free from the constraints of the past. The future is designed and we invent ways to bring it about. It is the opportunity for a future that is entirely new.

FirstAlign - Change Management: Current to Future State Infographic

Challenging the trial of change; current to future state.

Both transformation and change constitute an opportunity for your organization to take ownership of navigating the disruptions that are happening to your business and around you. Change management is a powerful practice that goes beyond handling incremental changes to rethinking your current business and operating models in order to provide a breakthrough value target state.

Transformation & Change is achieved by one or more of:

  • Realigning business as usual;
  • Realigning organizational structure;
  • Realigning the core product or service portfolio; and/ or
  • Realigning how technology is used.

FirstAlign delivers experience and expertise in both the design and implementation of business transformation and change initiatives.

Our Areas of Focus

FirstAlign Leadership


FirstAlign Application & Competencies

Practical Application & Competencies

FirstAlign Standardization & Socialization

Standardization & Socialization

FirstAlign Artificial Intelligence & Technology

Artificial Intelligence & Technology

How We Do It

Our tactical and advisory services will help transform your business through the management and implementation aligned Target State Architecture and implementation programs.

We partner with you to determine the right practice and process for your business; from the state of today to the emerging state of tomorrow.

  • Leaders as Champions
  • Needs, Forms & Objectives
  • Target State Architecture
  • Rationalization Frameworks
  • Tactical implementation (PPM & PM)
  • Centers of Excellence
  • Value Alignment & Delivery
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Innovation & Improvement
  • AI Process Automation
  • Mentoring & Guidance
  • Training & Support

Why FirstAlign

We Embrace Change

We embrace change as a constant while continuously thinking of new and innovative future states.

Removing Uncertainty

We understand that clarity brings stability. We want to break down models to create business certainty.

Excellence Is Who We Are

Excellence in everything we touch, everything we do. It's in our fabric to improve long term innovation options and build sustainable value.

Artificial Intelligence

We believe AI can optimize change and potential. Human adaptability integrated into thinking platforms, drive business outcomes.

Latest Thinking

Financial Effectiveness - Market Shifts & Volitility

Volatility & Market Shifts

Financial success is dependent on market direction. Finance offices navigate a variety of risks and disruption through innovation and AI tools.

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Human Capital - People as Assets

People as Assets

Leverage research, analytics, AI and workflow to drive change. Getting more from what you do with the people you have.

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Operations Management - Removing Uncertainty

Removing Uncertainty

Operations As-a-Service solves complex problems, improves efficiency and revenue, with leading edge analytics and automation.

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Artificial Intelligence - Singals & Triggers

Signals & Triggers

AI maximizes business outcomes, through modeling business drivers to activity. Signals and triggers allow near real-time understanding, speeding business reactivity.

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