Operations Management

Draw on the strength of our suite of tools while focusing on real issues affecting businesses.

Defining the Next Generation

Operating models for growth and prosperity.

FirstAlign Strategic Planning and Operations Management draws on the strength of our suite of TOMs and AI tools to focus on real issues affecting businesses.

With financial conditions, regulatory landscape, increasing economic pressures, globalization and evolving technology continuously changing has meant that topics such as Target Operating Models (TOMs) are becoming more prominent priorities of organizations. Companies must adapt to ensure that they stay ahead of the curve.

FirstAlign’s insights, indicator and signals make it simpler to evolve business models in near real time. Scenario based analysis enables directional pivots for market leadership rather than just reaction.

FirstAlign - Target Operating Model (TOM) Infographic

Our Areas of Focus

FirstAlign Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

FirstAlign Target Operating Models (TOMs)

Target Operating Models (TOMs)

FirstAlign Networks


FirstAlign Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

How We Do It

Our technology and advisory services will help transform your operating models and continuing "business as usual" processes through the management and implementation of new architecture and technology. We’ll partner with you to determine the right combination of technologies for your business to best enable growth and success.

  • Assessment Gap Analysis
  • Recommendations & Presentations
  • Strategy, Vision & Consensus
  • Target Operating Architecture
  • Rationalization & Optimization
  • End-to-end Value Chains
  • Outsourcing & Shared Services
  • Organizational Communication
  • AI Insights & Analysis
  • AI Indicators & Triggers

Why FirstAlign

We Enjoy the Simple Things

We excel in driving down complexity. Our devotion is simplifying business to its core.

Energy in Achievement

Movement is a constant state. We have a passion for driving business towards the un-imagined.

Unifying Standards Is Direction

We believe in the power of people, processes and technologies to achieve the impossible.

Artificial Intelligence

Creating real-time Operations-as-a-Service models to enable human potential to thrive in a conceptual state.

Latest Thinking

Risk Assurance - Reject the Status Quo

Reject the Status Quo

Enrich core corporate compliance, for a new direction. AI driven analysis and change, Advanced Risk Management as real prevention not just cure.

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Application Portfolio Management - Rationaalize Your Assets

Rationalize Your Assets

Get deeper value from your technology. APM maximizes organization efficiencies, while AI can help innovate and operate a successful APM practice.

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Customer Experience - Moving Brand Startegy

Moving Brand Strategy

For Customer Journey, Media and Public Relations using AI Solutions develop new insights and triggers for proactive customer management.

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Artificial Intelligence - Singals & Triggers

Signals & Triggers

AI maximizes outcomes through modeling business drivers. Signals and triggers allow near real-time understanding, speeding business reaction.

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