Artificial Intelligence

Maximize Business Outcomes, through Optimization, Deep Learning Innovation & Probability Modeling.

Maximizing Human Potential

Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, Automated Process Management, Signaling & Triggers

FirstAlign Artificial Intelligence maximizes business outcomes, through machine learning, optimization, deep learning and probability modeling.

We implement powerful AI machines designed specifically for targeted industries and business users.

Built upon a foundation of industry-specific data and models, organizations are able to repurpose and incorporate pre-configured templates and feature sets to serve the needs of human minds and make their current systems even smarter, therefore maximizing human potential.

To achieve this we typically want to understand:

  • Data (Information)
  • Signals & Triggers (Trends)
  • Human (Behavior)
  • Probability (Outcome Likelihoods)

FirstAlign - Artificial Intelligence Infographic

Clients leverage and embed our technologies and datasets into their applications as service layer to support tasks, signaling and predictions at scale. With industry and domain expertise FirstAlign is ability to help your organization rapidly adopt new capabilities that will accelerate business transformation uniquely suited to business goals and strategy.

Our Areas of Focus

Improve your enterprise as well as the performance of your team members. Areas of focus consists:

FirstAlign Automated Machine & Deep Learning

Automated Machine & Deep Learning

FirstAlign Automated Process Management

Automated Process Management

FirstAlign Data & Image Processing

Data, Image, Language Processing

FirstAlign Neural Computation

Neural Network Computation

How We Do It

Our technology advisory services will help transform your business through the management and implementation of new services, platforms, architecture and technology. We’ll partner with you to determine the right combination of technologies for your business—from current technology that exists today to the emerging technology of tomorrow.

  • Best Practices
  • Business Drivers
  • Use Cases
  • Capability Modeling
  • Target Operating Models
  • Roadmaps & Sequencing
  • Data Collection, Datasets
  • AI Accelerated Packages
  • Training
  • Feature Interpretation
  • Model Tuning
  • Deployment

Why FirstAlign

We Embrace Change

We embrace change as a constant while continuously thinking of new and innovative future states.

Removing Uncertainty

We understand that clarity brings stability. We want to break down models to create business certainty.

Excellence Is Who We Are

Excellence in everything we touch, everything we do. It's in our fabric to improve long term innovation options and build sustainable value.

Artificial Intelligence

We believe AI can optimize change and potential. Human adaptability integrated into thinking platforms, drive business outcomes.

Colliding Data Science

Combining Data Sets

Data and accurate data is the key to better decision making, the more data inputs into that process the more accurate the outcomes.

We identify and tag relevant data from sources both internally and externally, as well as structured and unstructured. We design methods and systems that understand probability, propensity and possibility.

We combine these with business drivers to analyze triggers and indicators that will signal the direction of business flow. This informs decision makers allowing accurate and reliable changes in direction to be taken.

FirstAlign - Abstract AI Combining Datasets Infographic

Latest Thinking

Financial Effectiveness - Market Shifts & Volitility

Market Shifts & Volitility

Financial success if dependent on market direction. Finance offices navigate a variety of risks and disruption through innovation and AI tools.

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Center of Excellence - Organizational Evolution

Organizational Evolution

Revitalizes standards, enabling business process automation through AI. Allowing humans to innovate rather than repeat. Empowering LOBs familiar with the challenges.

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Operations Management - Ops-as-a-Service

Ops as-a-Service

Operations As-a-Service, solving complex problems with innovative solutions. Improve efficiency and revenue with greater agility, speed to value, leading edge analytics and automation.

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Risk Assurance - Maximizing Human Potential

Reject the Status Quo

Enrich core corporate compliance, for a new direction. AI driven analysis and change, Advanced Risk Management as real prevention not just cure.

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