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The year of the patient! Empowering people to make better decisions.

Pharma on the Future

Innovation, more pressures to provide real-world evidence of positive outcomes, value pricing and market access increases.

The "Year of the Patient" is today. Pharmaceutical and Life-science companies are being more adaptive and innovative in bringing products to market, countering regulatory and consumer demands.

FirstAlign Pharma and Life-science solutions provide guidance on business issues for the biotechnology, medical device and pharma organization.

Leveraging analytics, data and machine learning capabilities allows organizations to gain knowledge, monitor outcomes and improve treatment regimens. This in turn, increases product utilization and develops tools that help with customer in interaction across new channels.

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A new health economy. Stagnant growth. What is a drug worth? Not to mention a wave of competing challenges...

The war for talent, shifting demographics, changing healthcare trends, new target diseases, technological advances and transforming market scenarios are happening. Pharma companies have always interacted with consumers and are now focused on direct marketing to the users.

Heightened scrutiny by regulators are highlighting a considerable amount of time and effort to reduce costs. Regulatory authorities are making stringent demands for more accurate and detailed reporting during approval processes. Companies are increasingly required to maintain comprehensive patient and product data.

Areas of Focus

Analytics manage and assess the results of personalized medicine delivery. This helps to determine the direction of product development. This is increasing awareness and a level of education that is more personalized, while improving the bottom line.

FirstAlign offers comprehensive solutions for many areas across Pharma and Life-sciences that involve:

Centers of Excellence

Consumer Engagement

Consumer Health

Cost & Pricing Models

Patient Assistance Programs

Product Innovation

Women’s Healthcare

Regulatory Compliance



Clinical & Operational

Distribution & Manufacturing

Hematology & Oncological


Quality Risk Management


Research & Development

Risk & Compliance

Supply Chain


Animal Health




Operations Management

Research & Development

Why FirstAlign

Transcendence in Design

Modern and purposeful applications that enhance conceptual thinking not just knowledge.

Building a Better World

We want to build perceptive technology to enhance human power and performance.

Protection & Security

Achieving a safer planet. Allowing data and infrastructure to be protected with confidence.

Artificial Intelligence

We believe AI is the technology of the future. Its applications for business are boundless, from understanding data to better understanding behavior.

Featured Solutions

Application Portfolio Management

Application Portfolio Management

Framework for managing enterprise

IT software applications and

software-based services.

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Business Transformation

Business Transformation

How making fundamental changes

help to cope with shifts in

market conditions and environments.

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