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Text Similarity: Selecting similar articles from a dataset

One of the very basic Machine Learning tasks is to compare objects and decide whether it is the same or different. It can be done for pictures; it can be done for voice, but what...

Posted: September 18

Banking: Machine Learning options in fraud detection

When cybercriminals are updated with the latest technology, can your bank’s traditional methods detect fraud? Is Machine Learning apt for fraud detection? How is Machine Learning...

Posted: September 18

RoboRXN and future of chemical research

When time and money are critical factors in chemical research, the future of chemical analysis looks to Artificial Intelligence for solutions. IBM introduces RoboRXN -a combination of AI...

Posted: September 17

Stemming in NLP: A quick guide to Stemming and its...

One of those steps is Stemming. In this blog we will look to understand Stemming, review various examples and we will see how stemming works by, looking at various types of ‘stemmers’.

Posted: September 08

NLP made easy: Perform basic NLP operations with ease using TextBlob

In this post we will explore these NLP operations and demonstrate TextBlob in its performance TextBlob According to their website “TextBlob is a Python (2 and 3) library for...

Posted: September 07

Content-Based Recommenders using Natural Language Processing

We will also create a content-based recommender system for movies. Recommender System In the digital world, we are surrounded by Recommender Systems. These recommender systems...

Posted: September 03

Elon Musk’s Neuralink: A Fitbit for the brain

All you need to know about Neuralink implant. Why Elon Musk calls it a Fitbit for the brain?

Posted: September 03

Web Services (Part 2) – Consume Azure ML Studio in Python

In this blog we are going to use python code to perform sentiment analysis using the web service we created in Web Services (Part 1)

Posted: September 02

AI washing: The sooner you know the better

In this world of technology do you feel the constant buzzing of the word “Artificial Intelligence”? From toothbrushes to self-driving cars, everything comes with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) tag.

Posted: September 02

Helping HR: Simple case of Automated Resume classification

Both will require a lot of effort so to help HR we will demonstrate the automation of the process using Machine Learning.

Posted: August 28

Web Services (Part 1) – Create and deploy

The first contains the physical Tweets, the second contains a label of either 0 and 1. 0 means it’s a positive tweet, and 1 means tweet is negative.

Posted: August 28

Tokenization techniques in NLP: How a sequence of text can be split into...

In this blog we explore - What is Tokenization? and; How tokenization is achieved? We will go through various Tokenization techniques...

Posted: August 28

A novel by Artificial Intelligence, would you read it?

Would you read a novel written by Artificial Intelligence? I always thought that Artificial Intelligence (AI) was for those repetitive intelligence tasks, not for creativity. I was wrong!

Posted: August 21

Artifical Intelligence boost for the Cement Plant

AI’s presence in production has been scant, but not without momentum. One such industry that is adopting AI is the cement manufacturing sector. The challenges faced by the cement industry...

Posted: August 21

Artificial Intelligence and Life in 2030

An oldie, but still relevant. Published by Stanford University as part of its 100 year study. The good: current AI research trends by select domains + general life in cities...

Posted: August 21

The advantages of Intelligent Marketing

Intelligent marketing using AI plays a crucial role in today’s competitive spaces. Using customer data along with predictive analysis, programmatic ad targeting, and ChatBots provides customers...

Posted: August 19

Smart Buildings through Artificial Intelligence

Buildings are no longer only architectural structures. They are tech-driven and transforming into “Smart Buildings”. How are buildings adopting Artificial Intelligence solutions to be truly called Smart?

Posted: August 19

Clickbait – Prevention by Boosting ensemble Machine Learning

Clickbait is false advertising links whose purpose is to get clicked at any cost. See how the problem has been tackled through Natural Language Processing and text classification to....

Posted: August 18

How AI enhances Telecommunications

Telecommunications is experiencing expansive technological growth due to the augmentation of artificial intelligence. AI enhanced network optimization, robotic process automation, virtual...

Posted: August 17

Advertising with intelligence

AI has revolutionized the advertising industry. Advertising with intelligence means an advertising company can put out relevant advertisements to the right customer at the right place...

Posted: August 14

Gesture Recognition: How do machines learn hand gestures?

How do machines learn hand gestures? The simplest answer is “Artificial Intelligence”. But there is more to it. In this article, we look at the 3 modules in recognizing hand gestures.

Posted: August 14

How AI benefits Banks

Banks have come a long way in their digital journey. From the advent of ATMs in the 1960s to AI-powered chatbots, fraud detectors, and digital advisers. Let's look into the various ways...

Posted: August 13

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence is used in the Fashion Industry

A digital era needs FashTech, this is disrupting traditional shopping methods. FashTech is about the adoption of technology and innovation. Fashion and Artificial Intelligence (AI)...

Posted: August 13

“Why did my model make this prediction?” AllenNLP interpretation

Scratching your head, asking how did my model make that prediction? NLP create accurate models but they are in a ‘black box’. This makes interpretation of a prediction and understanding...

Posted: August 13

Artificial Intelligence revolutionizing Sales and Marketing in Virtual Systems

Machine learning, Artificial intelligence and robotics are revolutionizing sales and marketing in the traditional online and e-commerce-based system in exceptional ways.

Posted: August 12

Benefits of AI in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries

Artificial Intelligence in the pharmaceutical industry lets new treatment release faster due to advanced research and development of drugs. AI also alleviates the work of healthcare professionals...

Posted: August 11

Classification of hate and offensive language using machine learning

Use of hate speech and offensive language on social media is a growing challenge. This can effect the mental health of a person against whom the hate speech or offensive language is being...

Posted: August 08

Info-Graphic design keeping pace with AI

AI is integrating into the field of design and specifically info-graphics. Business requirements are augmented with content catalogs and libraries to produce new compelling designs...

Posted: August 7

AI can write stories, poetry and code

GPT-3 is a Natural Language technology by OpenAI, and is considered one of the most powerful and sophisticated tools available.

Posted: August 6

Journalism and AI

Technology has aided Journalism to evolve from newspapers to online news articles in today's internet era. Find out how Journalism and AI integrate themselves to publish news at a...

Posted: June 27

How the energy industry avails of AI

The modern economy relies heavily on the energy industry to fuel our daily lives. The energy industry has the potential to optimize its production, maintenance, and storage of energy with...

Posted: June 22

How AI impacts Media and Entertainment

We are moving beyond where Artificial Intelligence is the main plot in science fiction. AI aid the behind-the-scenes works of Media and Entertainment, provides engaging user personas and experiences.

Posted: June 06

AI vs. the COVID-19 pandemic, a look at what is currently being done

Healthcare organizations are battling the COVID-19 pandemic on the frontline. Find out how Artificial Intelligence is attempting to combat the outbreak, especially with the development of vaccines...

Posted: April 07

Build vs Buy: Is this the ultimate AI question?

Organizations investing in AI have demonstrated the policy is working, Artificial Intelligence is fast becoming a business imperative. The question is no longer “should we?”, it is now “how...

Posted: February 18

AI Build, Operate & Transfer

Continuous AI through Build, Operate & Transfer Deployment. Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly moving across all markets. Would you like a focused strategy that achieves a return on...

Posted: January 26


Defining AI maturity in an ever changing environment

A critical insight into the process of Transformation, Change and augmentation of AI into PMO drivers, processes and outcomes. Let’s have a look into AI maturity, in a changing...

Posted: September 29

AI and its influence on Human Resource Management

AI influence on Human Resource Management is rising. 5 ways in which AI is transforming the HR sector and the current HR situation – From retention to hiring, AI and HR are a match...

Posted: September 17

Insights: AI for Project Office

Insights on AI for Project Office. AI is going to have a huge impact on team performance and project outcomes. Searching for expert systems to tame the unstructured matrix that drives innovation...

Posted: August 10

Case for AI: An AI Center of Excellence (CoE)

An AI CoE will enhance your technology implementation, and ensure first time success of your adoption process. An AI CoE will enhance your technology implementation, and ensure....

Posted: July 06

Financial institutions adopt the AI embrace

Financial services are experiencing significant disruption, whether from the financial crisis or new challengers, customers are looking for alternative, more streamlined services...

Posted: May 07

Insights: AI for Finance

Detecting patterns and anomalies for strategic orientation and optimum decision making in Continuous Accounting. Here are our Insights on AI for Finance.

Posted: May 05

Insights: AI for Financial Services

Financial institutions (Insurance, Banking, Capital Markets, Wealth and Asset Management) need to consider restructuring their business models to harness a new technology...

Posted: May 05

Everyday legal, Lawyers with intelligence

Augmenting the Attorney team with practical ways to reduce the mundane and focus on the case strategy! AI aims to.create Lawyers with intelligence. Legal Services is considered...

Posted: February 26

Insights: AI for Legal Services

Better understand legal back office processes, better customer engagement and the need for strategic thinking in adding value above all things, here are our Insights on AI for Legal Services.

Posted: February 24


Insights: AI for Human Capital

Better talent, engagement and automation. Speed hiring decisions through fraud detection and succession planning here are our Insights on AI for Human Capital.

Posted: November 20

The next step productivity, AI and disruptive change

If focus moves to strategy you can focus on the future and where business needs to go. AI and disruptive change is here.

Posted: October 07

Insights: The Productivity Step

Artificial Intelligence and Disruptive Change. Understanding the changing work environment and Insights into the Productivity Step.

Posted: October 07

Sinking ship, FirstAlign CoE endless possibilities

AI is as systematic as it is strategic or technological, and therefore requires the same level of systems change thinking that would be applied to any long-term process or digital...

Posted: June 16

Case for AI: Change & Transformation

Setting course for growth and a brighter future, through management of change & transformation as an investment decision. Why you should green light your transformation program with AI...

Posted: June 11

AI for business – Finance Office

Exploring the case for AI for business – Finance Office; budgeting, planning, forecasting and continuous accounting.

Posted: May 13

AI for business – Brand Management

AI Brand Management: Exploring the case for AI in Brand Management; customer experience and perception.

Posted: May 02

AI for business – Impact and Possibility

AI Impact and Possibility: Transformation, Centers of Excellence, Artificial Intelligence. Making a difference by implementing AI while tracking impact and possibility.

Posted: April 19

It’s time for business to embrace AI

Impact and Possibility. How AI can Transform Your Business Outlook! How AI can augment your business.

Posted: March 12


Life in the machine, RPA to the benefit of human kind

Unleash the power of RPA to create a digital workforce. Transform repeatable process to minimize human error and minimize strategic entropy. Robotic Process Automation refers...

Posted: December 13

Case for AI: Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Unleash the power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to create a digital workforce. Transform repeatable process to minimize human error.

Posted: December 13

Artificial Intelligence for Finance

Budget, Planning and Forecasting (BP&F) using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Artificial Intelligence for Finance strategically enhances and expands our management tools, artificial Intelligence...

Posted: November 16

Case for AI: Real Impact & Opportunity

Insights into Artificial Intelligence, where it is used and how it can help your business taking into account real impact & opportunity. Insights into Artificial Intelligence, where it...

Posted: November 14

Whitepaper: Artificial Intelligence & Finance

Artificial Intelligence or “AI” offers an unprecedented ability to improve the accuracy and predictability of Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting (BP&F). This is able to reduce...

Posted: November 14

Blurred lines – winning in brand communication

White paper focused on brand communication, promotion, crisis management using Artificial Intelligence to strategically enhance and expand management tools, as well as providing....

Posted: August 15

Whitepaper: Artificial Intelligence & Brand Management

White paper focused on brand communication, promotion, crisis management using Artificial Intelligence to strategically enhance and expand management tools, as well as providing...

Posted: August 13

Insights: AI & Brand Management

A brand is a publicly distinguished product, service or concept that can be easily communicated, marketed and positioned below you will find insights of AI & Brand Management.

Posted: August 06

Social spectacle, Artificial Intelligence, mixed reality

Artificial Intelligence emerged out of the idea that the process of human thought can be mechanized. The goal is to inject human intelligence into machines so that they are able to...

Posted: June 29

Using AI prevents information being sent

Using AI to prevent information being sent. FirstAlign welcomes aboard world leader and cyber safety firm, The Guidry Group, solidifying our Application Process Management ....

Posted: June 29

Insights: Principles of Change

Maximizing human potential through organizational transformation and innovation is our Principles of Change.

Posted: April 20

Launching CoE – Center of Excellence

FirstAlign looks to expand growth in 2017 by helping its customers with the formation of an organizational Center of Excellence (CoE), assisting group members and departments...

Posted: April 20

Under pressure – implement APM practice

APM Practice. A “set of processes that ensure capabilities” for managing technology and software projects as assets. Utilizes “step-by-step plans” for evolving the organization ...

Posted: March 03

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