Operations As-a-Service

Solving complex problems with innovative solutions.

Improve Efficiency & Bottom Line

Greater agility, speed to vaule, leading edge analytics and automation, delivering specific outcomes.

Companies now using an as-a-Service model for one or more functions are reaping the benefits of partnering with an as-a-Service provider for more sophisticated and more intelligent services.

Getting started

If your company is just beginning the as-a-Service journey, or if you feel your momentum slowing, what are your next steps?

Many companies begin with a single function, then expand to others. At that point, the jump to as-a-Service is shorter. There are several pathways to explore. Whichever you choose, know that as-a-Service is beyond the testing phase; it’s here-and-now.

You can’t afford to sit on the sidelines and watch opportunities pass by.

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Our Areas of Focus

FirstAlign Automated Machine & Deep Learning

Automated Machine & Deep Learning

FirstAlign Automated Process Management

Robotic & Automated Process Management

FirstAlign Data & Image Processing

Data & Image Processing

FirstAlign Neural Computation

Neural Computation

Why FirstAlign

Greater Agility

Continuous innovation and improvement through the use of Agile principles, FirstAlign is creating models of business that will change the way we work.

Speed to Value

Creating predicability from uncertainty. FirstAlign is creating models of business that will change the way we work.

Leading Edge Analytics & Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) creates data, data creates better designed automation processes, the cycle is infinitive.

Delivering Specific Outcomes

Creating predicability from uncertainty, creating viability of busines drivers and expected outcomes.

Colliding Data Science

Combining Many Data Sets

Data and accurate data is the key to better decision making, the more data inputs into that process the more accurate the outcomes.

We identify and tag relevant data from sources both internally and externally, as well as structured and unstructured. We design methods and systems that understand probability, propensity and possibility.

We combine these with business drivers to analyse triggers and indicators that will signal the direction of business flow. This informs decision makers allowing accurate and reliable changes in direction to be taken.

Abstract AI combining datasets

Latest Thinking

Designing the Future

Designing the Future


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Innovation with Agility


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Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers


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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence


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