Direct-to-Consumer, extending experiences into the physical.

Media Is the Future

Customers are demanding more accountability, relevance and interactivity.

The combination of digital and changing demographics are radically altering the media industry.

Today, there is a drastic need to understand the needs of consumers’, enhance their brand experience, improve channel collaboration and enhance distribution networks. This is where we can help.

FirstAlign assists media organizations in capturing new growth. The practice helps business leaders manage their complex media business and capitalize on new opportunities.

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Social media continues to gain momentum. Blogging is on the rise. Radio, publications and tv markets are shifting...

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google, are transforming advertising and consumer spending. Media analytics are crucial in today's environment. There is a need for more effective management and automation.

Areas of Focus

There is no doubt that social media platforms are making it harder to promote content organically. Surviving the “socialquake” and capitalizing on “pockets of growth” is where FirstAlign excels.

FirstAlign is an effective Artificial Intelligence and Management Advisor who guides organizations with social media promotion and brand crisis management. Our solutions capitalize on:

Centers of Excellence

Business Model Strategies

Catalogue Publishing

Community Development

Digital Revenues

Distribution Channels

Media Buying

Personalized Content Automation

Physical Licensing

Royalties & Fees

Media Operations

Account Services

Advertising & Sales

Creative Development

Editorial Management

Events & Touring

Finance & Accounts

Licensing & Publishing

Management Services

Research & Licensing

Promotional & Merchandising

Television, Print & Radio

Why FirstAlign

Understanding Purpose

Why are we here and working? Our fundamental is understanding your "why" before executing the "how" and "what" of doing it.

Helping Design a Better You

It's a beautiful thing, when investment, people, process, social and business outcomes are all aligned.

Clarity of Direction

The "why" of where we are going is just as important as reaching the destination. How we get there is our reason for being.

Artificial Intelligence

Finding the data to make better and faster business decisions, allowing directional changes based considered action not market forces.

Featured Solutions

Business Transformation

Consulting & Advising

Discover the future through the

understanding of business flow, and

how current to future states impact

business productivity.

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Application Portfolio Management

Financial Effectiveness

Signaling, with forecast accuracy,

to better understand market

movement for enhanced decision

making and directional pivots.

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