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Legalize the Future

Under the surface, it’s a dynamic, fast-changing environment.

Smart law firms focus on one of their most strategically important assets: “Their knowledge.”

FirstAlign streamlines the delivery of legal services, allowing team members the ability to effectively communicate and negotiate. Organizations use the practice to dramatically improve the delivery of effective legal services to everyone.

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Industry is flat-lining in terms of growth, the pace and complexity of disruption is increasing...

Both law firms, and law departments are adopting a proactive mindset in addressing challenges and opportunities. Win and loss rates are competitive, with lawyer performance being targeted by jurisdiction, case type, and costs. Computational law continues to grow exponentially.

Areas of Focus

FirstAlign allows for better collaboration by using artificial intelligence to provide guidance on question and answer, with recommendations while doing legal research and discovery. We are able to identify win rate probability, recommendation signals, against case law or likelihood of fault.

In helping legal professionals, FirstAlign offers a comprehensive set of solutions that involve:

Centers of Excellence

Billing Models

Legal Spend Management

Legal Service Delivery Models

Legal Research

On-demand Access to Information

Electronic Data

Document Management

Legal Operations

Corporate Governance

Corporate & Taxation

Intellectual Property

Litigation Management

Labor & Immigration

Mergers & Acquisitions

General Counsel

Why FirstAlign

Transcendence in Design

Modern and purposeful applications that enhance conceptual thinking not just knowledge.

Building a Better World

We want to build perceptive technology to enhance human power and performance.

Protection & Security

Achieving a safer planet. Allowing data and infrastructure to be protected with confidence.

Artificial Intelligence

We believe AI is the technology of the future. Its applications for business are boundless, from understanding data to better understanding behavior.

Featured Solutions

Technology Services

Technology Implementation

Strategic technology architecture,

design and implementation through

many thousands of development

hours, and many satisfied customers.

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Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence

Unifying standards & methods to

generate performance, improve

productivity, reduce cost & waste.

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